Detect microbes on the spot.

We bring advanced microbial analytics in pocket-size instruments directly to the production site, enabling seamless process monitoring and control.

Today’s bio-analytical methods are confined to remote laboratories. Our sensor technology uses light emitting µBeads as a messenger to provide in-line, real-time detection of microbes inside liquid products along the entire process chain. Our µBeads work in vitro, in situ and they can be tailored to be highly target-specific.
Thus, we enhance food safety and help to improve production processes.

Fields Of Application

A sensor right where quality matters the most.

Fermentation, Production
Real-time, inline microbe detection and yeast health monitoring in production facilities for food or alcohol, e.g. Bio-Ethanol, results in an optimized process and leads to increased efficiency.

Agriculture & Food Processing
Real-time, inline pathogen detection in farm, food, and beverage production to reduce waste and increase quality.

Clean Water, Public Health
Detection of pathogens for quality control of fresh water and disease control in waste water.


in vivo or in vitro
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