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The global fermentation market has a size of about $180 billion and a CAGR of 4.8%. Besides food production and the alcohol industry, the bioethanol industry is the largest market segment with $90 billion. Thus, even small optimizations in the production process yield major financial advantages.

In bio-reactors, microbes such as genetically modified bacteria, algae, or yeast cultures represent the production plants. To ensure the effectiveness of these plants, health monitoring is necessary. The goal is to set optimal process parameters and to keep contaminations away. Classical process control mainly relies on physical parameters to indirectly determine the health of the microorganisms. Current analytical methods are usually too slow or costly to monitor the processes completely.
SpheroScan can be used in these plants to ensure the health and growth of the producing microbes by means of a quantitative and qualitative measurement. At the same time, the sensor can search for possible contaminations of the plant in order to initiate immediate and targeted counter-measures.

“Infection in an ethanol plant is a plant manager’s worst nightmare. It means stopping production, potentially laying off workers and losing hundreds of thousands if not millions of Dollars…“

Global Director Fermentation Research Lactrol (Phibro epg)

List of some contaminations found in Fuel Ethanol Fermentation:

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