SpheroScan Explorer

The flexible instrument for the exploratory phase is for the determination of biological parameters in the laboratory or in a production environment. Manual sampling with automatic measurements.


With manual loading and numerous measurement modes, it offers flexibility for exploratory investigation.

At-Line Measurement

The rugged design offers the possibility for use in the laboratory or even in a manufacturing environment.

Fast results

Generates results within minutes, without time-consuming sample preparation.


SpheroScan Guard [Preorder Now]

The plug-in process measuring device for monitoring biological parameters. It is not only a tool, but a solution for the determination of specific biological parameters. We support you in tailoring our products to your measuring needs.

Fully automatic

Sampling and analysis are performed fully automatically > no staff needed

On-line measurement

The type and quantity of microbes can be determined directly in the production plant > no lab needed

Fast results

Real-time read-out enables closed-loop process control

The Sensor

The SpheroScan sensor is a compact system which can be implemented in an existing industrial installations and is situated at pathogen critical locations. It continuously samples small amounts of the liquid product and screens for specific biological and chemical substances. The analysis takes only a few minutes with a sampling rate of a few seconds. No sample preparation or lab analysis is needed. SpheroScan will change the way how quality and pathogen control is being done in food or water processing. It will allow seamless monitoring along the entire process chain from the producer to the consumer, thus establishing an unprecedented level of efficiency and safety.

The Technology

SpheroScan combines the physical effect of Whispering-Gallery-Modes (WGM) with functionalized fluorescent µBeads. Depending on their specific surface functionalization, the µBeads react selectively to biological and chemical substances and return an optical signal that can be optically read out and processed.

Our Beads can be tailored to be sensitive to numerous parameters


Surface adsorption


Refractive indices

DNA / Antigens

Bacteria / Viruses

Concentration profiles

pH / Salt concentration

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